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1. Espresso My Love

by Peter Bloedel
Coffee houses are great gigs because the audiences are always so alert.

Let me espresso my love
Cappuccino, Gesundheit, cafe, au'lait
I'm in love with a coffee bean
Tanzanian Pea Berry, Celebes Kolosi, is what a bean ought to be
No, no, no, recaffeinated double decaf or a half-a caffeinated for me
I want a latte, latte, latte, latte
I want a lot of caffeine

Sanka very much for the depth charge I like it no other way
Only half a cup? No! Give me the pot, I think I could drink it all day!
Colombian Supremo, Kona Fancy, Scandinavian Blend
Have a cup of mud, quitta your java, move to Jamocha
Sing in a reggae band


People all around love "The Bean Cracker" ballet by Tchai-coffee-sky
It was danced never better than the great Mikhail Baryshni-coffee
Ameretto, Irish Cream, Kenya Double A, as hot as a pistol
We've secretly replaced the next note with Folger's Crystals


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2. The Book Song

by Will Bauermeister
One man's garbage is another man's gold.

Just west of a gravel highway
An author brought his book to life
The first two pages he left empty
The third one said this is to my wife
He left his book unpublished
For many years till it was time
He finally brought it out to meet the public
But nobody seemed to want to buy
So off he went to the library
And gave it up so eagerly
I do not want to ever got to see that book
I do not want to ever got to see that book
I do not want to ever got to see that book any more

On the stacks the book was lonely
Despite the others on his shelf
Nobody like his cover's color
And soon he began to hate himself
Oh why did somebody have to write me
I was happy as a tree
I do not want to ever got to be no book
I do not want to ever got to be no book
I do not want to ever got to be no book any more

The kid was happy on his birthday
The family was poor as they could be
His folks had found the thrifty places
The nickel sale at the library
He ripped it open quickly
Just to heed the needed speed
He hoped the little book would last forever
He didn't even know how to read
He's gonna learn to read that book

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3. Canned Goods

by Greg Brown
Probably the most nostalgic song we know.

Let the wild winter wind bellow and blow
I'm as warm as a July to-ma-to

There's peaches on the shelf
Potatoes in the bin
Supper ready everybody come on in
Taste a little of the summer
Taste a little of the summer
Taste a little of the summer
Grandma put it all in jars

Well there's a root cellar, fruit cellar down below
Watch your head now and down you go


You say that you're weary and you don't give a damn
But I bet you never tasted her black-berry jam


Well she's got magic in her
Ya know what I mean
She puts the sun and the rain in with the beans
And with the snow and the economy and everything
I think I'll stay down here and eat until spring


When I go down to see Grandma,
I gain a lot of weight
With her dear hands she gives me plate after plate
She cans pickles sweet and dill
And the songs of the whippoorwill
With the morning dew and the evening moon
I've really got to go down and see her soon
'Cuz the canned goods that I buy in the store
Haven't got the summer in them anymore
You bet Grandma as sure as you're born
I'll take some more potatoes
And a thunder storm


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4. Water

by Will Bauermeister
(Where the water don't go)

You ever feel like a fish in a river
You'd rather be where the water don't go
Just a little bitty fish in the river
Never be a fish in a main course dish
You'd rather be where the water don't go
I was talking to a man who had seen it all
He was old and he walked with a cane
He was tellin' me that life would be different
If he weren't so old, and it weren't so cold
He'd rather be where the water don't go
And the water don't know what the water can't see
The water never knew about you and me
The water won't tell me where I'll be
In ten or twenty centuries

Some people take life with a smile
Some people can't take it at all
Tell 'em look for more than H2O
Tell 'em life's no game
Or variety show
And you'd rather be where the water don't go

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5. Choose Ye This Day

by Loren Halvorson
For Loren and Sue's Wedding, June 23, 1990.

As we stand here looking forward at the rest of
our lives
Let us gaze upon the cross of the Lord
As the hopes and dreams of yesterday
Become reality
Let us not forsake the guidance of His Word

Choose, ye this day
Choose, ye this day
Choose, ye this day
Whom ye will serve
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord

For the love that you have witnessed
Between this woman and this man
Has been transcended
By a love so great we'll never fully understand

So as we stand here looking forward
As the two become one
Many troubles and temptations wait ahead
Let us not forget that without faith
Our efforts are in vain
Let us not forget the words that Joshua said


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6. Snowfoot Waltz

by Peter Bloedel
For Sarah.

In the distance a Methodist clock tower strikes midnight
As if to signal the snow to begin falling down
It drops slowly in big flakes lit up by the street light
And it hushes the sound of an otherwise much louder town

A young woman has been on the mind of a young man
But he's never approached her, afraid she might find him a bore
His courage has failed in the past so he can't understand
Why compelled by a beautiful night like tonight
he walks up and knocks on her door and he says:

Dance with me
Through the falling snow
The temperature's fine for three-quarter time
And there's no better ballroom I know
Dance with me
Through the empty streets
The traffic is dead
And there's a tune in my head
And without you it won't be complete
To do the Snowfoot Waltz

With her consent he leads her out into the weather
Bundled up well and as warm as she was just inside
With his hand on her waist he still can't believe that he's with her
And into the light of an evening turned white they glide


For nearly an hour they waltz through the streets all alone
Till the clock tower strikes one interrupting their dancing duet
They gaze at each other and he says "I'll walk you back home"
But she stops him and says I've had a wonderful time
And I don't think this evening should end yet


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7. Max

by Peter Bloedel
Pete's puppy had a tendency to trip over his head when he was running. This song is dedicated to that process.


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8. Everything Will Be OK

by Will Bauermeister
A phone call.

You're feeling not so good
Not acting like you should
Folks say they see a change
Smile and your bedroom eyes
Seem to fade away

Your friends are far away
Talked to them yesterday
You wish you had a car
You could drive anytime
See them when you like

Your parents raised you well
They love you I can tell
They are so proud of you
Got their style and their smile
And their love of life

You do the things you do
You eat your healthy food
You walk a mile a day
Rest awhile, tell yourself
Everything will be OK

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9. The Child in Me

by Peter Bloedel
It seems like we all had it a lot more together when we were nine.

The child in me came out for a holiday
And I said what are you doing out?
He said he had a couple things he'd like to say
He said I knew you back when you were small
And I think you knew more about life
When you didn't know a thing at all

I ran the marathon
Swam the ocean caught the moon
Fought the leviathan
Those days were real
More real than my life now

You've lived your life looking for a grown up man
Now doubt and fear surround you
And you can barely stand
The children that you see
Are free from that disease
And he says there is a kingdom
That belongs to such as these


Middle class America often swallows up it's own
But life should have a melody that's more than just a drone
Redundancy sedates you
That's a truth that's seldom told
I've gotta find my youth
I'm gonna need it, need it when I'm old


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10. Willie

by Will Bauermeister
This song is not about Will.

Willie doesn't see the color of your skin
Whether you lose or win
Or even at you're next of kin
Willie don't get worried 'bout the way things go
Who's gonna run the show
Or who's in control in the White House

Willie is a penguin and he likes it cold
He says it don't get old not to Willie
He says he's got a lady friend who keeps him warm
When he turns on the charm he's loving it
In the South Pole

You know that Willie doesn't care where the snow will fall
He says it's all very nice
Every now and then he calls her home
And shows her around his ice
One thing you should never do is step on the tail
Don't step on that tail of Willie
That'll only get him mad, put you on the bad side
Keep on the good side of Willie and you'll live


He's the kind that gives a hoot to great and small
Both the short and the tall
And even in between them all
Knows about the golden rule and what it means
And he makes his schemes as he daydreams
In the White House

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11. TV Dinner Blues

by Loren Halvorson and Peter Bloedel
Our frozen feathered friends

I was walking through the grocery store
For something good to eat
I wanted something simple
And something that had meat
A package in the frozen foods
Jumped up and caught my eye
It was a frozen TV dinner,
Thought I might give it a try
Momma never bought 'em
Didn't know what they were like
It had carrots, corn, and chicken,
And you fix it in the mic.
The picture looked appealing,
The price was not too bad,
I picked up 80 packages,
'Cuz that was all they had
Brought 'em to the register
Thinking I was smart
The clerk she looked astonished
As I pulled them from the cart
I thought she was impressed
As I stuffed them in my truck
But as I drove away I thought I heard her shout "Good Luck"

Was I dumb was I stupid
What was on my plate
What was I thinking
What was that stuff I ate
People should protest them
I'm still trying to digest 'em
I've got those low-down TV dinner blues

My words may seem harsh
But I'm a TV Dinner cynic
I'm lying here in bed in my new home in Mayo Clinic
My tongue is in a petri dish, my stomach's in a sling
The only crime I'm guilty of is trying to eat those things
I'm trying to tell my story, I'm trying to spread the news
Don't make the same mistake I made
And get the TV Dinner blues


Country chicken fix, microwaved magic
Plastic wrapped, budget queen
Freezer burned, bean cuisine
Turkey breast in gravy
Sodium controlled, TV Dinner blues

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12. Alberta Clipper

by Loren Halvorson
Guitar for 4 hands. This song is about the winds that come
out of Canada and mess up our weather.


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