Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these guys anyway?

The Divers have been performing for various events in and around Mankato since 1991, including performances at the People's Fair in Mankato, the Rock Bend Folk Festival in St. Peter, the Tree Frog Folk Festival in Faribault, Over and Back in Northfield, and RibFest, also in Mankato. We also perform occasionally at area colleges, universities, coffee shops, libraries, and for private parties.

Please check our schedule to see where we'll be playing next.

Why would they name the band 'The Divers'?

There has been much confusion regarding this question. The following are all possible answers and some of them may actually be true.

  1. We play in a lot of dives.
  2. We are, in actuality, world-class sky and/or deep-sea divers.
  3. In French music stores there is commonly a bin called "divers" which literally means "miscellaneous." When asked to describe the type of music we play, most people believe this term to be accurate. We like to think of it as a compliment.
  4. One of our early performances took place at a student lounge at Gustavus Adolphus college in St. Peter, Minnesota. This lounge was built in an area that had been a swimming pool, and was therefore called "The Dive."

How long have they been able to keep this up?

Peter and Loren began performing together in 1987 when they were students at Bethany Lutheran College. They became The Divers in 1991 when they were joined by Will Bauermeister.

I thought there were 3 no 5, wait 4 members... Huh?

Several years ago, Will left to found the band "Dazy Head Mazy" and was replaced by Loren's brother Eric and Jason Gray (Jason has since left the group - yeah, we're bummed too - and is now giving his full attention to his solo career check him out at!). Andy joined a couple of years later, when "Walkies" was being recorded.

You mean they've actually released recorded music?

The Divers have released four albums:

Who would listen to this stuff?

Divers music may be heard on the public radio stations of Minnesota State University in Mankato (KMSU 89.7), Gustavus Adolphus College (KGAC), as well as on The Cities 97 (KTCZ 97.1) and on Minnesota Public Radio's "The Morning Show." The song "Espresso My Love" was used in a national advertising campaign for Ford Motor Company, and on a Coffee sampler also released by Minnesota Public Radio.

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